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Motivation: The electric power grid is undergoing an unprecedented transformation due to the changing electric generation and load landscape, moving from large-scale solutions to customer-based decentralized and distributed ones. Grid operators collect and analyze a considerable amount of data to operate the grid; as a result, becoming more and more reliant on their computing capabilities. An ongoing challenge is that using existing solutions on more powerful computers is not a practical approach to address emerging complexities. Electric utilities will need to move beyond classical computing solutions for system operation and control on blue-sky days as well as under severe weather. The need to modernize traditional grid computing is RE’s motivation to conduct R&D and support the industry in this emerging and critical field.

Path Forward: The enabling component in building the grid of the future is a strong computational foundation that converts data into actionable information. RE will leverage its experience in smart grids and expertise in quantum computing to develop models, methodologies, and algorithms for a quantum grid. RE’s end product is a quantum computing-based platform that is easy to use by the industry and is essential in addressing many of the grid challenges that already exist or will emerge in the next few years and decades. This platform will particularly focus on grid economics, reliability, resilience, security, and sustainability.