RE is the first global women-owned R&D firm in the Quantum-Grid (QG) field. RE’s mission is to accelerate the electric power industry’s adoption of quantum technology by developing advanced QG solutions. This is a critical step in progressing towards greenhouse gas emission reductions, ensuring U.S. national energy security and resiliency, and educating the next generation of scientists and industry thought leaders.
Dr. Rozhin Eskandarpour is the Founder and CEO of Resilient Entanglement. Her mission is to promote cutting-edge research and development in smart grids, enable unique development opportunities otherwise inaccessible to the industry, accelerate innovation in science and engineering, and help electric utilities address the emerging complexity of smart grids by providing the required software platforms.
She is a senior member of the IEEE, and her research interests span the areas of quantum computing and artificial intelligence applications in designing the smart grid of the future.
Resilient Entanglement (RE) offers 21st-century solutions to redesign the 20th-century power grid and streamline the journey in building
the intelligent grid of the future.