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Building the intelligent grid of the future


Resilient Entanglement (RE) offers 21st-century solutions to redesign the 20th-century power grid and streamline the journey of building the intelligent grid of the future. 


We identify, develop, and implement quantum-AI solutions for the climate-resilient grid of the future. RE is the first global women-owned quantum-smart grid company, providing software solutions for: - Energy Management Systems (EMS) - Power System Management - Renewable Energy Integration - Predictive Risk Analytics Models - Grid Security and Resiliency

Quantum Particle
Smart Grid Representation


To fulfill the need for faster and more accurate decision-making in smart grid planning, operation, and control. The electric power grid is undergoing an unprecedented transformation, moving from large-scale solutions to customer-based, decentralized, and distributed systems. Grid operators are becoming more reliant on advanced computing capabilities. Utility providers must move beyond classical computing solutions for system operation and control. The pressing need to modernize traditional grid computing is the catalyst for RE’s R&D efforts, and we look forward to supporting industry leaders in this urgent and critical pursuit.


Quantum-AI-Powered Software Platform 

Building a strong computational foundation that converts data into actionable insights is an essential step for building the power grid of the future. RE is leveraging its experience in smart grids and expertise in quantum computing to develop models, methodologies, and algorithms for the quantum grid. RE’s innovative software solutions are user-friendly and easily integrated into residential, commercial, and industrial (RCI) electricity infrastructure, as well as electric utilities and system operators. The RE platform will minimize operation and consumption costs while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and making customers climate-resilient.

Man Holding a Quantum Particle
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