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Resilient Entanglement (RE) was founded to meet the growing need for a faster, data-driven energy grid that can withstand increasingly common extreme weather events caused by climate change. We believe that quantum technology can help us overcome the emerging climate threat and change our world for the better. That’s why we’re creating innovative, quantum-AI solutions that can build the climate-resilient grid of the future and help accelerate the journey toward 100% renewable energy consumption.

Our team has built the Quantum Energy Management System (QEMS) using cutting-edge quantum computing algorithms. This innovative    software provides power operators and customers with a GPS that finds the most efficient and safest energy management allocation, providing the entire power grid with the highest level of security, sustainability, and resiliency. The QEMS offers faster and more accurate systems to accelerate decision-making and problem-solving, ensuring the least possible load interruption at the lowest cost.

We’ve already created a solution to two of the most pressing power system problems: the Power Flow (PF) problem and the Security-Constrained Unit Commitment (SCUC). Our approach tackles the most critical optimization problem in power systems. It gives utility providers actionable insights to make informed decisions about power generation schedules, grid operation, control, and planning.  

RE’s climate-resilient platform is the solution to building the climate-resilient grid of the future and reaching 100% renewable energy integration into the power grid.



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