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Quantum-AI-Powered Software Platform

Quantum-Security-Constrained Unit Commitment


The Security-Constrained Unit Commitment (SCUC) is a powerful scheduling technique for daily power market planning. SCUC is a framework that combines two common algorithms in the electricity industry, Unit Commitment (UC) and Economic Dispatch (ED), while adding a critical new dimension – Network Security Constraints.

Quantum-Unit Commitment


We've built novel quantum solutions for the Unit Commitment (UC) problem. UC is a mixed-integer, nonconvex, nonlinear, NP-Hard problem used to determine the on/off schedule and dispatch of system generation units in order to supply a forecasted load. UC is the most critical optimization problem in power systems, in which even minor improvements in its optimality can translate into millions of dollars of savings for the grid operators and customers.

Power Generation Plant
Energy Management System on a Tablet

Quantum-Energy Management System


RE's Climate-Resilient Energy Management System (EMS) is an innovative platform that helps utility firms optimize energy efficiency by giving operators a panoramic view of their company’s utility network. This system provides firms with real-time data that can be used to reduce waste, identify maintenance issues before they impact the grid, and suggest cost-savings by using powerful quantum-AI algorithms.

Quantum-Power Flow


The Power Flow (PF) problem is one of the most fundamental power system challenges. The PF problem is a numerical analysis based on the physics of the grid, which is the keystone of electric utilities’ decision-making in grid operation, control, and planning.

Renewable Energy and Fossil Fuel Comparison

Quantum-Optimal Power Flow


We provide quantum solutions for the Optimal Power Flow (OPF) problem. OPF is a critical optimization problem in power system operations that determines the most economical dispatch of available generation units in the system to meet a given demand considering the physical constraints of the transmission network.

Quantum- Security Constrained Optimal Power Flow


The Security Constrained Optimal Power Flow (SCOPF) problem, which is the cornerstone of economic operations in power grids, minimizes the system generation cost by meeting the power balance and satisfying the physical constraints of the grid. We provide a quantum solution for this critical problem to improve both solution optimality and computation time.

Solar and Windmill Farm
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