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Expert Points to Quantum Computing as the Foundation of the Smart Grid of the Future

Solar Power Grid

Dr. Martha Davis, Assistant Professor of Business and Finance at Baker University, recently published an exciting opinion editorial in T&D World titled Quantum Computing for the Future Grid. In this eye-opening piece, Dr. Davis explains how electric utility operators and the nation’s power grid are tackling unprecedented challenges associated with climate change, distributed energy trends, and the transition to renewable energy sources.


The industry, which relied on fossil fuels to generate power for much of the 20th century, is in the midst of a technological renaissance and is embracing emerging technologies, like artificial intelligence and quantum computing, to meet the challenges of the 21st century and build a more resilient grid that can survive extreme weather events.


Grid operators are meeting these challenges by monitoring and measuring power generation and flow. In addition, they’re turning to data science to generate actionable information that can increase efficiency, reduce waste, and lower costs.


Dr. Davis wrote, “Building the future grid will require an overall view of the quantum computing technology applications in power systems, such as the dynamic interaction of the transmission and distribution systems.”


She also said, “according to a recent IEEE article by Rozhin Eskandarpour and a team of researchers from the University of Denver Electrical and Computing Engineering Department, current computational technologies might not be able to adequately address the needs of future grids.”


Resilient Entanglement Founder and CEO Rozhin Eskandarpour is a pioneering member of the Quantum Upgraded Electric System of Tomorrow (QUEST) initiative cited by Dr. Davis and is thrilled to see leading researchers embrace quantum technology as a critical tool for building the power grid of the future.


Read Dr. Davis’ full op-ed here.


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